Conference of Presidents Leaders Welcome the New Ten Year Agreement Between the U.S. and Israel Providing Unprecedented Level of Security Assistance to Israel Through 2028

New York, NY, September 14, 2016 … Leaders of the Conference of Presidents today welcomed the announcement of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Israel and the United States that will provide Israel with an historic level of defense and security assistance at the conclusion of the current agreement in 2018.

“The new MOU sends a strong message reinforcing the U.S. commitment to Israel’s security and Israel’s role as a vital ally and stabilizing presence in the region”, said Stephen M. Greenberg, Chairman and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the Conference.

“At a time when Israel is facing mounting threats on its borders from the devastating war in Syria, Hezbollah’s expanding arsenal of sophisticated and longer range missiles and rockets aimed at Israel’s civilian population, and the ongoing menace of Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza, all supported and driven by the deadly hegemonic ambitions of Iran, extending the MOU and increasing the amount of security aid sends a strong message reinforcing the close cooperation, common interests, and shared objectives of the two democratic allies. 

Enhancing Israel’s security makes the U.S. more secure.  Technological advances developed by Israel shared with the U.S. are used to improve the safety of our troops and our civilians at home.  Tens of thousands of jobs are created in the U.S. defense and related industries by Israeli purchases.  This is best manifest in the successful joint U.S.- Israel missile defense projects including Iron Dome, Arrow and David’s Sling. These remarkable systems are a tribute to the cooperation between the U.S and Israel. 

A safer and more secure Israel remains essential to America’s foreign policy in the Middle East and directly contributes to our nation’s security interests.

The Administration and strong bipartisan support for Israel in Congress continue to be the bulwark for insuring Israel will be better able to defend itself over the long course against current and future threats to the safety and security of Israel and its people.”

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