Conference of Presidents UN Declaration Against Anti-Israel Bias

Call for action: The Jewish community and friends of Israel are called upon to demand an end to the lopsided verbal condemnation and anti-Israel resolutions throughout the United Nations, from the General Assembly,to the Human Rights Council, to UNESCO, and the World Health Organization.

Background: There is a clear need for greater awareness of the unjust Israel bashing, which is embedded in the institutional infrastructure of the United Nations. The ongoing biased actions at the United Nations singling out Israel for condemnation, have veered from them sovereign equality” set out in Chapter 1 of the United Nations Charter. "The organization and its members, in pursuit shall act in accordance [with the principle that] the organization is based on the sovereign equality of all its Members."

Taking up the challenge: It is time to permanently delete Item 7 from the Council’s agenda.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and its member organizations are circulating a Declaration Opposing Discrimination Against Israel at the United Nations.  This declaration is only a first step. By publicizing the UN’s violation of its own principles, we hope to create positive change and return the UN to the commitment to principles of fairness and equality on which it was founded.

We seek to enlist others of all faiths and nationalities, political leaders and opinion molders, religious and business leaders, all people of good will who want the UN to live up to the principles and values on which it was founded, to add their support and join in signing and distributing the Declaration below.


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