Operation Protective Edge by the Numbers

Everything you need to know about Operation Protective Edge, from destroyed terror tunnels to rocket attacks on Israel. Just the facts.

The IDF initiated Operation Protective Edge to put an end to the terror attacks emanating from Gaza. In the three weeks leading up to July 8, terrorists fired 250 rockets capable of reaching Israel’s largest population centers and endangering 3.5 million Israeli lives. More than half a million Israelis had less than 60 seconds to find shelter after hearing a rocket siren. Tens of thousands had only 15 seconds.

The Rocket Threat

The IDF initiated Operation Protective Edge in response to incessant, indiscriminate rocket firefrom Gaza directed at Israeli civilians.

Between July 8 and August 6:

  • Terrorists in Gaza fired 3,360 rockets at Israel.
  • 2,303 rockets hit Israel.
  • 115 rockets hit populated areas in Israel.
  • 584 rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome.
  • 119 rocket launches failed.
  • 475 rockets landed within the Gaza Strip.

Before the operation, IDF intelligence assessed that terrorists in Gaza held approximately 10,000rockets. 1/3 of these rockets were fired at Israel, and an additional 1/3 were destroyed by IDF forces.

The Tunnel Threat

On July 17, IDF ground troops were moved into Gaza to locate and destroy the underground tunnel network used by Hamas to infiltrate and attack Israel.

Between July 17 and August 5:

  • IDF forces neutralized 32 terror tunnels.
  • 14 of these tunnels crossed into Israel.
  • 2 tunnels had access points located 300m-500m from Israel.

Hamas exploited civilian infrastructure

Hamas abuses the civilians and civilian infrastructure of Gaza for terrorist purposes. These abuses constitute severe violations of international law.

Between July 8 and August 5:

  • Terrorists fired 597 rockets from civilian facilities in Gaza.
  • Approximately 260 rockets were fired from schools.
  • Approximately 160 rockets were fired from religious sites, including mosques.
  • Approximately 127 rockets were fired from cemeteries.
  • Approximately 50 rockets were fired from hospitals.

IDF struck terror sites throughout Gaza

A primary objective of Operation Protective Edge was to strike a heavy blow to the military capabilities of Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza and thus eliminate the threats to Israel’s national security.

Between July 8 and August 5, IDF aerial, naval and ground forces struck 4,762 terror sites across the Gaza Strip, including:

  • 1,678 rocket launching facilities.
  • 977 command and control centers.
  • 237 military administration facilities.
  • 191 weapons storage and manufacturing facilities.
  • 144 training and military compounds.
  • 1,535 additional terror sites.

From July 8 to August 5, the IDF targeted terrorists in Gaza responsible for the planning and execution of attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians.

  • IDF forces targeted at least 253 Hamas terrorists.
  • At least 147 Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists.
  • At least 65 terrorists of various smaller organizations.
  • At least 603 terrorists of unknown affiliation.

In addition, 159 terrorist suspects have been questioned by Israeli security forces.

IDF transferred supplies into Gaza

Despite Hamas’ incessant attacks, including on the Kerem Shalom border crossing, the IDF continued to transfer thousands of supply trucks into Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.

From July 8 to August 5:

  • The IDF transferred 1,856 trucks carrying 40,550 tons of supplies into Gaza.
  • 37,178 tons of foods.
  • 1,694 tons humanitarian goods.
  • 1,029 tons of medicine and medical supplies.

Operation Protective Edge succeeded in striking a heavy blow to terrorists in Gaza. Hamas’ underground terror network was knocked out, and quiet has been restored to southern Israel. All of Israel is now safer.

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