New York, NY

Robert G. Sugarman, Chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations called on Congress “to restore full funding for the very successful groundbreaking joint US-Israeli missile defense program including David’s Sling, Arrow II and Arrow III as well as the funding for the Iron Dome program. While we recognize the budgetary pressures, it is especially important this year as the United States and Israel face a proliferation of long and short range missiles in the hands of terrorist organizations and rogue states. The seizure this week of a ship carrying the Iranian supplied advance missiles destined for Gaza and Sinai terrorists underscores the urgency and immediacy of expediting the development of missile defense systems.


Israel faces over 150,000 missiles on its borders, mostly in the hands of Hezbollah as well as a large number in the hands of Hamas in Gaza. The effectiveness of Iron Dome was demonstrated as Israel countered rockets launched against civilian populations by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups based in Gaza. There have also been incidents along Israel’s northern border. The technology developed by these programs benefits both the United States and Israel, and enhances their capacity to protect military and civilian targets. Congress has recognized this in the past and restored full funding and we are confident that they will do so once again this year. We thank the members and leaders of the House and Senate for their support for the program which has been backed by this and previous administrations.”


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