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Robert G. Sugarman, Chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations released the following statement:
“We acknowledge the tireless efforts of Secretary Kerry and the United States negotiating team in reaching the political framework agreement which was announced today. The agreement, however, leaves many questions and issues unresolved. As the parties work to turn the agreement into a detailed accord, the value, viability and sustainability of any such accord, particularly in view of Iran’s past history of obfuscation and evasion, will depend on the following questions, among others:
1. What research and development activities will be permitted under the R&D plan submitted to the IAEA and the JCPOA?

2. Will IAEA inspectors be able to visit Iranian facilities without advanced notice?

3. How quickly will Iran's Arak facility be modified so as to prevent any production of plutonium which has no use other than for military purposes?

4. How will the possible military dimensions (PMD) of Iran's nuclear program be addressed?

5. What are the details of the phased sanctions relief that is to be provided and what are the mechanics of the snap-back of those sanctions in the event of non-compliance?

6. What are the specifics of the provisions relating to the expiration of restrictions to be imposed on Iran?
“We strongly believe that Congress must have an active role and be given the opportunity to review any potential final agreement. We also urge the Administration to work with Congress in agreeing on and preparing for immediate implementation of legislation which would impose new and severe sanctions in the event that a detailed accord cannot be reached or that Iran violates the terms of any accord.
“We are very troubled by Iran's continuing activity as the leading global state sponsor of terror and its constant threats to destroy the State of Israel. For example, Iran has just announced that it will provide Hezbollah with advanced warheads with highly accurate guidance systems. Iran has also confirmed its additional shipment of significant military equipment to the Houthis. We call on the Administration to take decisive action, together with our allies in the Middle East, to confront and curb Iran's support of terror groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis, as well as its support for the Assad regime, and to speak out whenever officials in Iran make threats against Israel.
“Both the United States and Israel, and their leaders, are committed to a peaceful solution of the Iranian nuclear issue. However, any solution must provide long term assurance that Iran will not be able to acquire a nuclear weapons capability,” said Sugarman and Hoenlein.


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