Conference of Presidents Leaders Call on U.S. to Enact Measures to Hold Iran Accountable for Ballistic Missile Tests, Support for Terrorism and Strict Compliance With the Terms of the JCPOA

New York, NY . . . Leaders of the Conference of Presidents today called on the Trump administration and Congress to swiftly move forward with effective measures to hold Iran accountable for its repeated flaunting of restrictions on the testing of ballistic missiles, its ongoing support for terrorism, and its provocative and belligerent behavior which contributes to violence and instability in the Middle East, endangering America’s allies in the region, and threatening vital U.S. national security interests.  Iran has now advanced to the next phase of development of the IR-8 centrifuge design, with significantly enhanced enrichment capacity, providing further indications it will continue to pursue the ability to produce quantities of enriched uranium sufficient to build nuclear weapons.  All of these activities make it essential to ensure Iran is held to strict compliance with all of the terms of the JCPOA. 

Stephen M. Greenberg, Chairman and Malcom Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations said, “Iran’s continued willful refusal to cease testing ballistic missiles poses a direct threat to the security of the U.S., to our closest ally in the region, Israel and to other friends of the U.S. in the region.  The latest missile test firing by Iran underscores the need for the bipartisan majority Congress and the Trump administration to quickly work together to craft, adopt and implement an appropriate and effective legislative response to Iran’s repeated provocations and belligerence.  These missiles are reportedly capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

We welcome the leadership of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on this issue and her determined advocacy today in the Security Council.

We call on the UN Security Council to join in the efforts to stop Iran’s dangerously aggressive pursuit of ballistic missile capabilities and to curtail its deadly support for terrorism and direct involvement in hostilities in the Middle East and elsewhere which result in unimaginable human suffering and the daily loss of innocent lives.

The measures necessary to address these activities by Iran fall outside the terms of the JCPOA and should move forward now.” 


The Conference of Presidents is the central coordinating body representing 50 national Jewish organizations on issues of national and international concern

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