Conference of Presidents Condemns Terror Attack at Temple Mount Compound in Jerusalem

New York, NY . . . Stephen M. Greenberg, Chairman and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO released the following statement condemning the deadly terror attack today at the Temple Mount compound, in which two Israeli police officers were killed by the terrorists and a third was injured. The three attackers who started shooting at the police were shot by Israeli security forces before they could inflict more harm. 

“We strongly condemn the terror attack today at the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem which resulted in the deaths of two Israeli police officers, and injured a third officer, who were stationed at the compound to ensure the safety of worshippers, especially Muslims at Friday prayers. 

Israel undertakes to preserve freedom of worship at Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy sites, placing its security forces in harm’s way to protect worshippers, while Palestinian and Arab Israeli leaders continue to stoke incitement, promote falsehoods about Israel’s policies regarding the status of the holy sites, and enlist support from the international community in their abuse of UN bodies like UNESCO and the Human Rights Council to demean Israel and deny the Jewish connection to these holy sites.  The Palestinians have created a huge government bureaucracy to provide financial rewards to terrorists and their families based on the levels of carnage inflicted on Israelis.

Sadly, nobody should be surprised by terror attacks at holy sites or elsewhere in Israel when the perpetrators and their families receive compensation tied to the amount of devastation their terrorist acts achieve. 

Statements condemning the attack issued by the EU, individual European countries and others, including Palestinian President Abbas are appropriate, but ring hollow in the face of the ongoing and escalating Palestinian campaign of UN resolutions filled with lies about Israel and denying the more than 3,800 years of Jewish connection to holy sites.

It is long past time for the international community to stop abetting Palestinian incitement against Israel and denigration of the deep historic Jewish and Christian religious connections to sites holy to them and Muslims. 

And, it is long past time for President Abbas, other Palestinian and Arab leaders to act decisively, publicly and continually to end the decades of anti-Israel incitement and to dismantle the political, economic, social and religious infrastructure that has supported it.”


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