Conference of Presidents Leaders Condemn UN Human Rights Council Resolution Calling for Investigation of Israel’s Response to the Recent Hamas Led Assault on Its Sovereignty

New York, NY . . .  Stephen M. Greenberg, Chairman and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations today condemned the resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council which calls for an international commission of inquiry to investigate Israel’s response to the weeks long violent siege of its border led by Hamas in Gaza.

Mr. Greenberg and Mr. Hoenlein said, “We strongly reject the latest anti-Israel resolution adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

In its unceasing quest to vilify Israel, the Council’s politically motivated and inherently hostile agenda against Israel has once again driven it to new depths of hypocrisy and bias resulting in indifference to the lethal exploitation of the people of Gaza by Hamas.

The resolution adopted today by the automatic anti-Israel majority on the Human Rights Council disregards the despicable inhumane tactics of Hamas that incites their own people to violence, deliberately places them in harm’s way and exploits their deaths and injuries.  And worse, the Council’s action today willfully ignores the brazen public statements of Hamas leaders boasting of using thousands of rioting Palestinians storming the border fence to camouflage the armed terror operatives seeking to breach the sovereign borders of Israel and carry out attacks against Israeli civilians.  Hamas officials acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of those killed were Hamas operatives.

No nation in the world, including Israel, can or should stand by and allow an armed invasion of its territory.  Every nation, including Israel, would and must act to defend its sovereign borders and its population against armed aggression, but not every nation would adhere to rules of engagement and processes of command and control to ensure that norms of international humanitarian law are followed, as Israel does.

Today’s resolution brings shame on the Human Rights Council.”


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