Conference of Presidents Responds to Presidents Announcement on Iran and JCPOA

New York, NY

The President’s declaration reflects frustration with Iranian behavior following the implementation of the JCPOA.  While there are some differences of views as to the most effective approach, the Conference of Presidents has clearly and consistently called for an agreement which would ensure that Iran never obtains a nuclear weapons capability that would augment its ability to create mayhem in the region through its support of terrorism.

Today’s announcement, we hope, will create an opportunity to accomplish these goals.  We hope that a more comprehensive arrangement with stricter compliance rules, a prohibition against the development of long and short-range ballistic missiles, along with any weaponization program, and, of course, human rights violations, will become a reality.  Sanctions targeting banking and energy sectors of the Iranian economy should be imposed.  We hope that our European Allies will join in this endeavor.  More effective compliance measures without sunset clauses, and giving inspectors unfettered access to military and other barred sites, should be included.  The threat that Iran poses to Israel, its neighbors, and the world at large, mandates a comprehensive approach.


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