Conference of Presidents Calls for Solidarity With Residents of Israel Facing Hundreds of Rockets From Gaza

New York, NY

“As Palestinian terrorists launch hundreds of deadly rockets on Israeli civilians, we call on all those who stood in solidarity with the Jewish community this past week to mark Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day, and to condemn the sharp increase in anti-Semitic attacks, including in CA, to stand up in support of the Jewish state, and the people of Israel.  Now is time to speak out and be counted as Jewish lives are put in danger. Israel and Jewish people do not want there to be a need for more memorials and expressions of regret for Jews who are killed or maimed simply because of who they are or where they live.”  

“We express full solidarity for the people of Israel, particularly residents of the south, and support for actions that have or may be taken by the government in response to many hundreds of rockets fired in unprovoked attacks on civilian targets.  Our prayers are with those on the front line, including soldiers, and civilians, and those who have suffered injury or loss.  We send condolences to families of those who have been killed.”

“Much media coverage fails to note that Palestinian extremists are shooting hundreds of missiles across an international border, and completely distorts facts on the ground, especially since there is no Israeli occupation of Gaza, nor has there been since Israel disengaged from the territory more than 14 years ago.  It is deeply disappointing that news reports often equate Palestinian terrorists engaged in a barbaric assault without regard for their own people, let alone innocent men, women and children in Israel, and the actions of Israel’s democratic government living up to its responsibility to defend its citizens.  Hamas’s use of Gaza residents as human shields in launching rockets from Palestinian civilian facilities and population centers constitute war crimes.    It is important to note that Israel’s responses to the rocket barrages target military sites and rocket launchers, and that the IDF provides advance notice of attacks to allow for evacuation, while Palestinian terrorists’ rockets specifically are aimed at Israeli civilian targets including hospitals, kindergartens and private residences.”

“We thank President Trump and US government as well as other governments for its support of Israel’s response to these ongoing attacks and call on the international community to stand with Israel to publicly express their support for Israel’s actions, and to hold Hamas and Islamic Jihad accountable for the death and destruction they have brought on. We salute the Eurovision Song Context for continuing Tel Aviv rehearsals, and not succumbing pressures to withdraw.  We hope this acclaimed international competition will go ahead unimpeded as planned.”

“While we would welcome a cease-fire and restoration of calm to Israel’s cities and towns, it cannot be just another hiatus allowing Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to regroup for further assaults.  Their unabated launching of rockets and incendiary devices and attempts to break through the border above and below ground to attack civilian communities nearby is intolerable.  Israel, and no other country, can or should have to put up with such circumstances.”


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